Thursday, September 10, 2009

Balik Kampung

Its been nearly a decade since I arrived in Sandakan; Now, it is my time to balik kampung.

I'd withness the transformation from a quiet town with empty road after 7pm to traffic congestion till 10.30pm. From RM1.50 plate of economic mixed rice c/w free chinese tea at the wet market to today's RM4.50++ bowl of kon-lau-man at any kopitiam & you have to pay for you sky juice. The resurrection effort of the old town center.

This is a town which will grow on you; With sparse population, vast space with abundance of fresh clean air are there for your taking; Spoiled by the wealth of natural resources this state possess, one don't need to live a stressful life here.

Slowly but surely, this place had transformed from a timber cowbow town to a small oil palm city, with tourism industry creeping in unannounced.

I'm going to miss the stress-free lifestyle & fantastic seafood Sandakan had indulged me lavishly. Most of all, the sincere and friendly locals that tool me in as a part of their community.