Sunday, October 31, 2010

What can my CNC do

Too many times I was asked what my machine can do...
AND... my usual reply
"It can do many things...."
"Cut, carve, engrave, mill, machining anything that is wooden, plastic or soft metal..."
"Only limit by your imaginations..."
These replies just won't satisfy anyone...
So I actually summon enough energy to break out of procrastination to write down a list...

Here goes...

Sign making – wood, plastic, foam, vinyl, and electronic LED signs.
CNC wood projects – pictures, carving, engraving, parts.
Cool projects – science projects, school projects, DIY projects, and club projects.
PCB milling, PCB engraving or PCB routing of circuit boards. PCB drilling and PCB testing.
CNC robot and robotics projects.
Arts and crafts, cut vinyl, paper, wood, plastic, 3D carving and engraving.
Invent – build prototypes for inventing and experimenting.
Education – robotic manufacturing, CNC routing, CNC machining, science models, physics projects, machines, electronics, woodworking, CAD, CAM. (Great for schools.)
Electronics projects – circuit boards, make enclosures, boxes, cases, labels, panels, and parts.
Mechatronics – Electro – mechanical parts.
Mold making for castings

Fiberglass mould
Scroll saw projects – makes parts faster and more accurate.
Homemade gifts and other projects.
Hobby CNC projects of all types, RC projects, and model making.
Robotics projects – build parts or complete machines.

CNC precision parts for demonstrations.
Pattern making, template making, inlays, and on lays.
Rubber stamps.

Loudspeaker cabinet
HIFI chassis, furniture
Acoustic wave penal
Wood clocks.
Wood furniture.
Cabinet making.

Door making.
Digital cutting for soft metals.
Boat building.
Plastic fabrication.
Rapid prototyping.

Arggg.... too tired to continue...