Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Atom Mobo is Alive!

The motion constrol system requires a PC to work.... obvious isn't it...

For EMC2, we can use Pentium 4 with 512Mb or more. I had a free P3 donated. but it Ubuntu didn't like it... An used P4 of the correct spec will set me back ~RM400, It is the most economical choice but I have a soft spot for the Intel Atom chip...

Purchased a D945GLF box. Its contained  mobo + the N240 processor at RM215. I need to have a ATX PSU, a 2Mb DDRII RAM, and use salvaged LCD monitor, keyboard mouse,  HDD, CD drive.

Plug in all the necessary connectors, slot in the RAM, power up... then all hell broke loose for the next 3 day trying to figure out what went wrong.... after swapping a new DDRII RAM, IDE cable, BIOS battery, keyboard, mouse, CD drive and even another HDD. Eventually, it was concluded that the mobo is faulty and while waiting for replacement, (warranty claim), I got hold of the Dual core Atom board D945GLF2 as they only have this in stock...

Back to me workbench, slot in the RAM, plug in all neccessary connector, set the bios, insert the EMC live-CD & we have this

Ran the latency Test, 15,801ns max jitter is  just what I hope for.

Here is the screenshot (literally) of EMC2

Lessons learnt? Yes, Murphy Law never fails!!! ....

Apart from that, check your PSU pinout!!!

The D945GLF requires  2x10 +2x2 power connectors.

The D945GLF2 requires  2x12 + 2x2 power connectors

Getting the right PSU at the right price burnt up 2~3weeks of my time....

So you are warned.

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