Thursday, January 28, 2010

The CNC Electronics & Electrical Department Happening

I have a confession to make....

I finally did it! I killed ALL the board in my control panel!!! There goes the PMDX-122 breakout board & the Atom MOBO!!! :(

It all happend in that thundering night, wind howling... fist size rain drop pouring.... blue flashing thunder... door banging....... Err.... nothing of that sort, ;p

Over the X'mas holidays, I proceed to wire up the control panel. Individually,  the magnetic coil contactor, E-stop circuit worked out the Mobo worked fine, BUT they don't jive with each other, ...

Wire all the components, press the start button, hear that satisfying "thump" made by the magnectic coil contactor, and a few blink of the monitor & everything went black-out.... Dead! Mati! Kong! & I didn't have the pleasure to seeing smoke!!!

With a puntured ego & coffer, I went back to search for another board as the return shipping charges to send the dead BOB back to the maker is plainly irrational.

Undetered by this set back, I (again) dive into the vast ocean of information- the internet & picked up this SINYU 5-Axis Interface Board. from the ebay.

This chunk of populated electronic component PCB features a Manual Jog function by connecting a home made joy pad, the circuit for the joy pad is given in the manual.
It has 2 Relays which I can switch on larger Magnetic coil relays for auxillary equipment.
Charge pump featured
Unique 10-wire ribbon cable terminal for connection to the Stepper Driver. I have a choice to configure the board for 5 stepper driver connection or 4.
4 sets of powered 3-port terminal with 12Vdc VCC ready for home/limit proximity switch connection.
Takes 9Vac as power which is easy to implement.

AND it is $$$ friendly too.

As for the Mobo, a replacement were sorte.

Total damage?
RM836  = USD 245 = EUR175 = GBP151= ZAR1,860 = 11,360 rupee = HKD 1,907........


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