Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Learning Aid

Many interested parties approached me with their dream to enlist my CNC service to cut/carve their dream project. The encounter will start with a warm welcoming introduction, all the usual chatter, asking what I can do & bla, bla, bla... all were rosy & cheesy until I ask what exactly they want me to cut.... Most describe their requirements verbally with a lot of confident,
here is a typical example,
"It a circle this big (size it up with his hand), with a section that is curved like this (swivel his hand in a wave form in the air), has a contour to fit this very rare fitting (show me a photo of the fitting) that goes in this bit deep (sign with his thumb & index fingers). There carve some flame over here (again waving his hand in the air). How soon can I have it?"
Me : " Do you have a drawing?"
" No."
" A copy of the fitting?"
" No."
" Do you have the dimension of the circle, the curve, the fitting and the depth, type of material?"
" No, I tot you can do circles, curves & accurate depth? and please don't make me mortgage my house..."

Not wanting to be negative about this but its really not enough info for me to do anything at all...

I mostly end up encouraging them to do their own drawing to save the drawing & design fee that I will eventually charge them.

As I require vector graphics, it is natural that I narrow my learning towards that...

AutoCad is my personal preference, and INKSCAPE is free...

IMHO, This is the only place you need to be to learn up everthing there is to know about AutoCAD for free.

If Autocad is too expensive or too intimidating, you can use a vector graphic editing package call InkScape, its Open Source A.K.A Free.  Free download here

Some good tutorials & instructions Here

Many videos in YouTube on InkScape
This gives an excellent introduction to InkScape

This has all the tutorials that you may need to become a pro.

Hope this helps.

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