Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tube Tinkering


"In electronics, a vacuum tube, electron tube (in North America), thermionic valve, or valve (elsewhere, especially in Britain) is a device used to amplify, switch, otherwise modify, or create an electrical signal by controlling the movement of electrons in a low-pressure space."


A century old tech, their place in this modern world are limited to large scale signal transmission thank to its robust operation capability.

They some how managed to survive the guitar amp industry due to various aesthetic and nostalgic sentiments.

Mythologized by modern marketeers with hypes limited only by imagination. This glass ware is gaining support in the HiFi consumer market as well.

We get increasing impression of tube amps being more art then technology... IMHO, when we don't know the actual science behind a technology, it is most convenient to save face by branding them as art....

Despite all my negative impression on the sales slogans, I truly love the "Tube Sound", its as close to paradise as one could get.

In the coming articles, I'll share my tinkering journey with 6DJ8. I'll talk about some theory and specification stuff but I do my best to spare tinkerers with heavy doze of boring theory stuff instead just outline the essential start tinkering with tubes.

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