Friday, May 22, 2009

Why I Tinker?

I am cursed with impulsive curiosity toward the how's and why's of "things" works, just couldn't help it.

To deal with this curse, I dig and strip anything that fancy my curiosity. Eventually, I'll build a similar "thingy" base with some variance as proof of concept. One thing lead to another, I end up a hobbyist carpenter + machine machinist + metal worker + electronic technician and whatever is required of me to make it happen.

Tinkering with things is how one learn the working principle of things and deal with my incurable decease.

For the past few years, I embarked on electronics "thingy" because I am really an electronic idiot. DIY audio equipments seem to be the right track to teach myself electronics... again, one thing led to another, I design and built more then a few tube amplifiers and loudspeakers.

This blog will be my platform to share my learning experience with the like mind people and hopefully will start a few friendship along the way.

Maybe someday... after I'd satisfied my appetite for electronics, I'll proceed with shipwright... who knows... For sure its a bigger money pit.

Until then lets do some soldering, hole drilling, welding and metal cutting.

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