Thursday, July 9, 2009

What's New?

I made a quick listening to the 6DJ8 preamp. As most tube amp that I build, she sounded good. but not great. Usual tube sound characteristics are present. Clean, crisp, sexy mid range... I should further tinker with the component values to tune for "optimum" result but there are so much distraction in this materialistic world...

My new toy had arrived...

Dress in Red,
Comes with bottoms...
And Spikes....
Just the type I like...

Impossible to keep my hands away...

Downloaded the open source Arduino environment here

Plug in the USB port

Set the Dip switches

Load the scrip

Press the biggest keyboard key


Blink! Blink!! Blink!!!

I herein solemnly declare I'm Micro-Processor Enabled!!!!

Wah Ha HA HAAA!!!

These Came with the kit,

All the bells and whistle

That Says.....

More to come!!!!!

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