Saturday, June 6, 2009

Completing the Schematic

Now, lets finish off this before my new toy arrives.

Lets organize all the numbers that we had determined.

input is assume to be 1Vrms so Vp=1.414V

#additional note, normally, we will try to bias the tube at least 0.5V away from 0V grid, to prevent grid current, but in this case, the gasin of the stage is so high that before we even get close to 1V of the 0V grid, the power stage should have over loaded. so it doesn't matter.

DC state

RL=14kR 3W
Rk=86R 1W
Rg=1MR 1/4W

PS resistor = 2 x 200R 5W
PS Reservoir cap = 22uF
1st stage Filter cap = 68uf
2nd Stage Filter cap = 68uf

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