Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another Health Hazard Management - Dust Collector

Anyone whom ever worked with wood working power tools can tell you how fast & convinient they make, BUT no one ever mentioned the mess it left with the amount of wood dust, saw dust they generate...
Wood dust get into everywhere! That includes every possible crackes, gap, opening in the building... Those which manage to get air bourn will stay air bourne for hours!!!
Not forgetting the demage they can do to our lungs, nostril & any other opening in your body...

I'm a lazy sob, I hate to do cleaning chore... & I don't want to die of lung cancer...
Naturally, I'm reluctant to use my CNC Router....Cleaning the mess is hell!!!

To keep my sanity & healthy lungs, I installed a full fledge 2-Stage Dust Collecting System... which really is nothing more then a glorified industrial grade vacuum cleaner...

I bought this Twin-Bag Single-Stage Dust Collector, I did planned to build this from scratch but again... As I'm a lazy sob especially when the financial benifit did not churn out more the 70% savin...

The white thingy is the fabric filter bag which stop fine dust from entering the shop ambient.

This is the centrifugal fan which acts as the "sucker"

Since the fan impellar & filter bag do worth some money, it will be best to have a buffer to remove most of the saw dust & foreign object from getting to them. The ideal solution (for me) will be a dust cyclone, which is not difficult & expensive to construct but I came accrose this Thien Separator in the internet which is even easier & cheaper to construct.

This is the Thien Separator which were constructed from a 200L barrael which I robbed from a friend & some fitting & CNC cut plywood. This will drop off 80~90%  of the saw dust & any heavy foreign object from contact with the fan impeller and fill up the filter bag.

This how they look inside.

Another view of the separator internal organs

This is the fully assembled dust shoe,
 it will confirn the saw dust within the effective vacuum suction region. Also capture larger wood chips from flying all over the place. the brush is a door seal brush & the rest of the wooden structure were cut by my CNC router. Everything just snapped on seamlessly.

The original hole around the cutting bit is round but was accidently demaged during test... but it still work beautifully as it is now... (too lazy to make another...)

Now.... I am fresh out of excuse to delay cleaning up the workshop....


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