Sunday, August 29, 2010

EMC2 Revisit

Had a go at the Mach3 trial version earlier, it is nice package packed with load of goodies but it does has a 500 lines limit, until I pay up US175 for the full version... It was a lot of money to me so I revamp my system to EMC2 the open source program that is free to own & most importantly free to tweak.

Presently, EMC2_2.4.3 release is available & it can run in the latest Ubuntu 10.04 LTS released which can handle dual-core mobo. BUT since my mobo is single core ATOM board & I'm to anxious to get my machine in full operation mode as soon as possible, I stick to the Live Disc which contains EMC2_2.3.4 + Ubuntu 8.04LTS. I'll go for 10.04 & EMC2_2.4.xx when they comes in live disc...

It is great to have EMC2 back in business, the motors sounded happier, smoother & refine.
From the jam packed Mach3 screen, the bare & simplistic EMC2 AXIS screen suddenly feels empty... AND I missed the Auto Z Touch-off feature... Without further a do, I dig into information on Auto Z Touch-off feature in the wide sea of WWW.

Nothing is new under the sun... apparently; Many EMC2 users had their own concoction & I found good information on one of the step-by-step how-to here...  here is how this thingy came about.

They involve pyPVC which is a screen editor to tweak the custom virtual panel & Classicladder which is a ladder program. on top of that one has to be well verse with the MDI_COMMANDS in the Axis HAL & some Python language....

Took over a week to have a creak at the programes without much success... hence, to save time & loosing hair, I put on my copycat hat & shamelessly copied every step to the teeth & after some debugging & troubleshooting, ITS ALIIIIVVVE!!!

While I was at it, I squeeze in the jogging button for convenient operation.

Next will be a HID (Human Interface Device) using a common wireless game pad.... Don't wait up, I'll never know when I'll get there...

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