Friday, October 7, 2011

Aikido Pre-Amp Project - part 9

My brother came with a home-made chassis; Something my brother designed some years ago. 18"x12"x 4" high.
This is the chassis after a quick clean up.

This will be a great time saver since I've already spent nearly 60hrs on the project & any quick solution put things back into prospective.

This is the new amendment to the layout.
Ample real estate available.
As I'll not use a separate base plate for mounting the irons, it will be difficult to mount the previously selected irons. So I've change the 2 transformers to vertical mount type EI laminate tranny.
Since he don't require source selection, so the selector switch is obmitted.
Now, I need to find suitable IRC sockets that will fiit the opening already on the chassis.
I'll fill in the common mode filter & other switches & socket when I can find more time for it.

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