Friday, June 5, 2009


It has been a few years since I’d started to look for a mean to start on micro controllers stuff. PIC is the recommended chips as I was told they are cheap and abondon locally.

Bought many books and spent hundreds of hours surfing the net with no fruitful progress…. These books eventually became my best cure for insomnia… It never fail to put me to sleep in 20 minutes…

Everything which I found require me to build some thing, either a programmer or hardware to actually make the micro chip work… Its too much challenge for me… so the search continue

Found this book while wondering aimlessly in my local book store a month ago.

By Massimo Banzi, co-founder of the Arduino Project. Published by Make Magazine.

The cover cough my eye.

“Arduino” has appeared with increase frequency in my google search for how-to starter packages for electronically challenged beginner like me. I didn’t dig this AVR based board as I was looking for PIC stuff. What a mistake!

This is the only book on MCU which I finish reading in one go… and awake!

I learn what Physical Computing meant, Arduino uses C language, everything is open source, the board contain the necessary hardware to operate and plugin USB.

Arduino is “ready-to-go”, no need to know about bootloading, I/O connections, I2C, USB chip, communication chip... etc etc which I couldn't care less, so that noobies like me can get our claws right into the fun part.

There is a growing community such as
Seriously fun ppl.

and their web page is packed with great stuff such as ready made codes/programs, meaning we don't have to reinvent the wheel!

The potential application is only limited by your imagination! We can do useless thing with it such as teaching our flower to call for help when they get thirsty, lights off in the absent of occupant, control an autonomous robot, intelligent home system, track the sun, control an miniature UAV, feed the monkey, skin the fish.... all of which you can jump straight in as long as you know what make things tick, perfect toy for tinkerers.

Just placed an ordered a "clone" Arduido starter pack, (wanted to go for the real thing but they have the best shipping charges.) should arrive by next week, can't wait to blink some LED....

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