Friday, February 5, 2010

MechMate Table Assembly Works

From previous post, I shown the fabricated steel parts for the MechMate build in total loose form, all cut, dressed & painted. A friend who visited asked if they are kit supplied? Luckily, the scent of wet paint proved that I did the fabrication works.

This post will show the progress of assembling the "kit".

BTW, the table is good for 1220mm x 2800mm (8'x 12.5') working area.

The welding set

The "precision" measurement equipment I need for aligning the assembly.

Some of the welding were done on this make-shift welding bench. :)

The tube truss fitted & welded

How I fit the leg perfectly square & perpendicular to the main channel rail.

Both side frames completed

Aligned the two complete side frames square & parallel to each other

Place the table cross bearer on its appropriate position accurately. Then weld...

Fit & weld the cross pipe & diagonal pipe brace & you have a table.

There you have it, what is left is to get a group of 6 full muscle grown-up to flip this chunk of metal over...

This is only the table, we have gantry, Y-car....

Stay tune ;)

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  1. Table is looking good!

  2. What is the size between the wheels of the Y-car ? Because the stability of the Y-car have to be good when the spindle is down....