Sunday, February 7, 2010

MechMate Gantry & Y-Car Assembly

With the availability of CNC laser cut machine, fabricator's life gets a lot easier then it use to be. BUT that doesn't say one gets a free ride when fitting them accurately.`

Level & alignment is of paramount important in this excercise. 
Hence, I build 2 adjustable trestle from C-Channel off cuts.drill & tap M12 holes for attaching adjustable leveler legs.

Setting up the box section beam on  the trestle.
  • Using Spirit level to line them on horizontal plane. 
  • Align the box section beam by measuring the parallel distance. Comparing diagonal distance to ensure they are square to each other.
  • Clamp down to hold the position.
Rubber mallet for fine movement by tapping them lightly on the correct places without damaging the paint work. 


When you are ready, spot weld to hold the assembly together & check for distortion.before doing the final welding.

Here are the Gantry & Y-car after welding & a coat of red oxide primer on the weld.

Closser view of the Y-car, The original paint was severy damaged by welding spatters....Shouldn't have painted...

.....Nothing I can't sort out with a coat of paint.


  1. This question is not related to the above. But I hope you may know...
    Where on earth can I get hold of front surface mirror locally?

    I did try to get one thru the email, the item was lost in the mail ! Now I try to avoid the same mistake. Since you tinker with laser, I tot u would know the source locally. :) Thanks first.

  2. You mean the welding shield dark color glass or the plain guard that protects the shield glass?
    Both are widely available. Just walk in any hardware store & ask. the plain one is less the RM1...

  3. Front Surface Mirror is the mirror with its silver reflective coating at the front of the glass, instead of the usual rear surface.

    The advantage is the reduce ghost image in its reflective images.. ideal for laser work (thats why I ask you) and for projector. I diy a projector myself, but cannot get the mirror locally. Just in case you know of any sources. I did order one from the USA, but it got loss in the mail, so money was gone ! Dare not try the 2nd time.

  4. Sorry, don't know much about that. Have you ever consider using multi-coated lens? can ask spectacle shops or camera multi-coated filter lens?

  5. front surface mirrors can often be salvaged from rear projection TV sets. most people will give them away if you remove them.