Saturday, March 13, 2010

After the rail alignment, progress took a nose dive to near stop. The are 2 reasons (excuses to be exact) I can come out with.
1) I'm near physically exhausted & mentally fatigue from this build, its like taking up 2 extra jobs... and
2) After all that adrenaline rush from the previous tasks such as steel fabrications, rails grinding, alignments...etc really tough nut I'd cracked, the later jobs looked & feel so easy now, so much so that procrastination starts to creep in quietly...
Anyway, looking at the time & dough I'd invested in this baby, I made an effort to muster enough will power to continue with the journey before I add it to my dreadfully long "perpetually unfinished" project list.

Installed the gear rack on the rail.

Made the Y-track hold-down

 The Stepper Motor Drive Assembly

And here we have it. Competed Mechanical bits for the X & Y axis.

All that is left are the Z-axis before I proceed with wiring up the controls.


  1. Congratulations !
    For the feedback of the general public who read this blog, during our unofficial meeting a few days back the writer did not look like having an ounce of fatigue nor any sign of mental exhaustion.

    So I conclude that it is more likely to be an excuse. But hey we are all human aren't we? :D

  2. LOL! Looks can be deceiving....