Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Digital Wood Joinery Lesson No.1

Wood joinery is a priced craft.

Traditionally, any carpenter will feel insulted if you say he nail up his work...

 Deep inside, I too feel humiliated without implementing some sort of wood joints in my personal projects.

The RED & Blue are simple butt joints... I don't feel proud when I use them....

The Magenta & Cyan are tong & groove some call it tenon & mortise... this is the least I'll have in my personal projects.

Another modern woodworker's must have is PVA glue, commonly called wood glue or white glue. It is a water based glue that will not break before the wood fiber tears... great for indoor use.

A properly glued  joint will take all the abuse you can throw at it before the wood itself give way...



  1. hey Ken, i think reader cant see much from the drawing there. Better show some photo if possible:)

  2. Thanks for the feedback. Point noted.