Friday, August 28, 2009

ClonAc R2.5 or is it ProAc Response 2.5 Clone

Always like to build my own audio equipments. Give me a sense of self reliance.

There are so much snake oil stories about HiFi stuff...

No matter how much denial, in my humble opinion, Hifi equipments are trendy stuff, during a certain period, everyone rush to high power SS, another time, flea power Single Ended Triode amp... etc etc...

Recent hot press is fullrange driver which denounce the existence of the olde trusty passive crossover...

Why something which everyone accepted for the last couple of decades and stable forte of super high-end loudspeakers suddenly gets this type of negative treatment...Is this due to lack of crossover design know-how (just like the case of nfb)? The proof of the pudding is in the eating. So, I gave myself a great excuse to embark on a pair of well documented famous ProAc Response 2.5 Clone build.

I have to make clear that I design & built many Single Full Range drivers when I first started playing with loudspeakers for a couple of years, but that is because I know nothing about passive cross over and single drivers makes my learning manageable.

The choice are enormous, but I quickly set my eye on the ClonAc for its strong following and involved Dr. Troels Gavensen with 6 versions of crossovers to play and learn from.

My experience with cabinet building, box tuning along with the well documented clone will eliminate all the hassle in this aspect. Moreover, when I do some maths sanity check on the design, they really look like good text book example.

I can concentrate on experiment and learning the crossover without destractions from other elements. It's time to move on from 1 way to 2 ways loudspeakers....

The only draw back is the cost. All drivers are Scan-Speaks, commonly used in High End/price loudspeakers.

When there is will, there is a way.

To achieve lowest capital outlay & generate interest in this shrinking local DIY activity. I took the plunge to organise a Group buy and Group build in Diyparadise forum & Lowyat forum. There are response, interest are plenty but the price held many back.

Lets see how it goes...

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