Thursday, August 6, 2009

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Decision is the pre-requisition of any action.

How to come to a decision?

Information, knowledge and experience are the basis, with good analytical sense, assimilate oneself into the subjective circumstances, we can make an appropriate decision for the situation.

In my humble opinion, there are no right or wrong decision. It is how appropriate a decision is.

Why MechMate?

Lets look at various aspect of the design to simplify the analysis.

1) Linear Transmission,
This employs rack and pinion,
  • Leadscrew/ball screw to operate in the length involved will face undesireable swirl into oscilation, rack & pinion does not suffer this naturally.
  • Cost effective then ballscrews.
  • More rigid then Belt & pulley
  • More precise then Gear & sprocket.
b) V-groove wheel on angle guide
  • Cost effective the linear bearing on rod guide and linear slide on precision square fuide.
  • Lower resistance and friction then bush or metal to metal bed.
  • Sufficient rigidity
  • Sufficient accuracy
  • Easy to implement
c) Monocoque Y-Gantry & Z-Car Body
  • Light weight
  • High rigidity
  • Running gantry over x and y-axis is most foot print efficient
d) Stepper Motor + Micro-stepping Driver
  • It is cheaper to set up an open loop motion control then close loop servo motor system.
  • Microstepping improve smoothness of transverse motion.
  • Accuracy is well within requirement
e) Well developed PC Based Controller.

f) All material and mechanical parts can be source locally.

f) I already has the tools required to construct one.

g) Plenty of scrounge opportunity to fits the machine to my wallet.

h) My research shows that this design is so well thought through.

i) I don't think I can find or design one that is as good as this

j) The is a free plan by enthusiast, very professionally done, more detail then many paid plans that I'd came across over the years.

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