Saturday, August 8, 2009

PC Based Controller

The recent phenomenon in hobbyist CNC boom could have been contribute by the progress made in PC based controller software. The flexibility offered by the software and minimal computing power, open up the gateway for hobbyist into the once secluded CNC arena.

There are host of controller software available, some are free, the most popular is the Linux based EMC2. Some are pseudo-free... i.e. trial download with unlimited period, with some function limited. Such as Mach3.

Presently, I'm torn between the GNU free licience Unbuto V8.03 based EMC2 & Window XP based Mach3. I don't believe good things can come free but the Linux family is exception. The Mach3 is affortable at US$150 a pop once you are done with the free trial version.

Since I can't decide which is the clear winner, I'll have a creak at both.

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