Sunday, August 16, 2009

CNC Rules!

To general public, CNC is synonymous to precision accuracy. This had been engraving, so when ever CNC is mentioned, a picture perfect scenario of flawless component of any kind will pop out in thin air... Snap beutifully and flawless in anyway...
"This will redudant the engineers, technician and operators..." Some say,
"Just tell the machine and you will have all sorted out perfectly... " the other follows
Like instant noodle, not many actually pay attention to the process of making instant noodle "instant". Overtime, misconclude that it only takes 2 minus to make a bowl of soup noodle... sad isn't it...
Try throwing a piece of raw material to the CNC machine and say, "machine this into a ball for me", and see what will happen.... Exactly, nothing will happen.
CNC machine of any kind is another piece of machinery that requires human to opera, not just any human, but skill machinist.
The strenth of CNC machine is that they can provide consistancy, machine consistancy. But they couldn't care less if what they are doing are correct or safe. they wouldn't bother if the cutting tool will break with the size of cut, they wouldn't care how the finishing with turn out... all this require careful programming by skill engineers, technician or machinists.
So, be warned,

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