Saturday, August 29, 2009

Group Buy, Group Build

The picture of a group of like interest stranges from all age group and all walks of life going after the common goal intrigues me.

I promised myself to jump on any group buy and group build activities regardless.

After years of waiting & fantasizing, nothing ever happened.... @#$%@#

Inspired by the big slogan from spam letter
"One's life is in one's hand",
"You are your own man",
"Be the lord of your life",
"Opportunities are for those who created them"

I took on the task to organize a group buy for ClonAc 2.5.

My friend said " You are a brave man..."

Well, I'm just a the very early stage of this activities and I already had a taste of the things to come...

Followings are some of the "intelligent" questions I get from PM that came along,
"Why don't you do xxx or yyy?"
hey, if you think xxx or yyy is better, why don't you organise one?

"What do you think of xxx, yyy ?"
hey, get appropriate answers from appropriate forum....

"I prefer MMM, wish you luck.... "
I'm only interested if you are interested in my group buy, I couldn't care less about your MMM.

"I would rather buy QQQ & ZZZ"
Go buy la... you don't need my approval!!!

"So expensive! Can't you do any cheaper?"
If its cheap, I would have just buy them myself and do whatever I like at my leisure. I do group buy for the quantity discount, if you join we get better discount la...

"I don't know if I can trust you"
Ya... right... As if you are the only one facing risk... As if it is easy for me to trust you.... do you know if you decided to withdraw from the group buy, I have to fork out money to pay for your promise....

Well, there are many good appropriate suggestions & questions too, which I took very close to my heart, thousand thanks!
"Make sure the supplier is a reputable one, some do disappear after receiving payments"
"Don't over look the packaging & handling cost"
"Don't promise anything that you are not sure of"
"Careful with potential pre-mature withdrawal"
"Final quote will be higher then initial estimations"

There are reasonable request too
"I'm near you, can I borrow your place & tools?"
"Could you teach me how to solder?"
"I know nuts about all this, could you guide me along the way?"

I said "Why not!" to these requests

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